We've been providing superior professional counsel in executive staffing since 1977, when we founded our predecessor company, Houze, Shourds & Montgomery, Inc. We are pleased to have served many of the very best: from obscure start-ups and nonprofit entities to complex, high profile global enterprises, such as GE, Dell, Disney, Nestle, Charles Schwab and Intel.

Today we offer our clients the option of a comprehensive executive search or one of the many related services we provide to help improve organizational effectiveness and build strong teams.

Our consultative approach reaches beyond the boundaries of a typical search.
Our clients benefit from our extensive experience and our highly professional, dedicated approach and find the hourly fee arrangement far more cost effective than the typical retainer fee.
Would like the benefit of a highly professional, experienced retained search firm, but wish to avoid the costs involved in a standard retainer fee
Have an executive opening and are unsure how to proceed. You are trying to decide whether to promote from within, reorganize or recruit a new executive
Have tried recruiting on your own, or you have used recruiting firms and are dissatisfied with the results or costs
Want to refine the specification and ensure buy-in within your organization before launching the recruiting process
Want to test the market to evaluate alternatives, determine what candidates might be available and compare these results with potential internal candidates
Tried advertising or posting your executive position and need a professional to conduct preliminary screening and candidate evaluation
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